Welcome to an exciting place, your favourite Retail Cannabis Store in the Duncan and North Cowachin Valley (area).

Cannabis can enhance your life, and Health Canada has approved many products now to help with sleep, and all kinds of parts of a normal person’s life. Be kind to your body and stop by to try our top of the line Cannabis products lines, including edibles, oils, and flowers.

It’s been a pretty intense year for just about everyone living on planet earth. Thankfully some of us are acquainted with a little help from a friend called Cannabis. Father Nature’s Retail Cannabis Store has officially opened it’s 8432 Trans Canada Hwy location, this Spring season (2020).

We’re looking to get connected with other businesses in the area for FN News, a regular bulletin where local businesses can advertise their listing, as well as trade mutual offers.

Get in contact with us if you have some questions or contributions 🙂

Father Nature's Cannabis